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Forget Your Goals, Do This

Hey Friends,

You maybe here for the giveaway but read through and we will get to that later :)

The year has begun you are probably started planning and making those goals.

I am gonna be honest I am working my way through my plans and not rushing . The chaos and uncertainty of last year taught me two


  1. Life is short

  2. Every day counts, so make it count

This is why I am working on goals that lead to legacy and impact. I truly believe that God gives ability to make wealth and that wealth is for changing lives and doing good. My goals aren’t to make money but they require money . Basically intention . Our lives align with our goals when we are can answer what our intentions are.

As you plan and make your goals, ask yourself if this year is your last year on earth will you be happy with what you have written ?

Are they goals that bring you joy ?

Your goals should resonate with your inner passions and pursuits.

I have talked about this Brilliant workbook Called “NoNonsense Goals” from Udo Okonjo. I will giving out two copies !!

To win !

Share below one goal you used to have and realize is no longer important to you.

Giveaway Rules

  1. You have to live in Lagos

  2. Will need to be available to pick up the book

  3. Please subscribe to the blog :)

With Joy ,


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