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My Mother is Always Right

My mother is always right.

This is a truth I have come to terms with.

I remember the first time I wanted to move out and live on my own. I had done most of the search and found a place without telling my parents. When I was ready, I decided to tell them I was planning on moving out. After they gave their consent for me to move out, I took them to the property I had found and my mother told me it wasn’t a good fit. It was a 2 bed flat but in the style of a duplex and I wanted to stay at the top floor. Unfortunately the stairs leading up to the apartment were not enclosed, but built on the side of the building so anyone from the street would be able to see me coming and leaving my apartment. I had never thought of that , but as a young woman living alone it was a safety issue.

This is just one example of the many incidents of wise counsel I have gotten from my mother on an issue. When I ask my mothers opinion on things, in hindsight I realize she gives me sound advice. Sometimes I take it , sometimes I don’t. Not all of us have parents who give us wise counsel, but there are men and women who are older than us that can fill that role.

One of life’s greatest hacks, is finding a mentor who can guide you as you make decisions . I would suggest getting a mentor for different aspects of you life.

A spiritual mentor,

A career mentor,

A relationship mentor.

A financial mentor

Ideally you would be able to get a person that fits all, but sometimes you need more than one.

Next newsletter will be on how to find and connect to a mentor :)

Thanks again to you all for being part of the Words To Live By Community

(WTLB Community )

In pursuit of the Highest forms of Joy,


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