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Books You Need to Read- Part 1

Welcome Guys! This is our safe space. A place I will be sharing some thoughts and life experiences with you.

I am an avid reader! I believe that reading is the amongst the most important thing you can do in life for success. Recently I sat down my friend Toke Makinwa and we did a podcast talking about Faith, Love and Life. (Watch it here) Many of you saw it, and I mentioned I would share books that are really important to read for those who are trying to decide what they want in a partner. So here are two books that I recommend ( Also, if you are already married these books are still apply.)

This book is so insightful on the practicalities of marriage :) Gary Chapman wrote "Five Love Languages" as well- so trust me when I say he knows his stuff. This book breaks down the day to day reality of what marriage looks like and how to overcome the "disappointment" one tends to feel about what they expected vs reality.

I love this book because its backed by a lot of research and data. If you are in a relationship, married or dating or single! This book is extremely important to read. It has a list of 8 questions to ask your partner. The questions cover often overlooked conversations ( Work, Money, Spirituality and more) that according to Dr. Gottman are essential for successful relationships. The book also has great tips for communicating effectively in a relationship.

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On the next letter to you, I will be talking about how to increase joy in your life.

In Pursuit of the Highest Joy,


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27. Jan. 2023

Amazing! I'd search for and read them. I also recommend that you read The Stress less Life by Vance Pitman (if you haven't already). It's an awesome and very insightful book.

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