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Fix Your Life

The bathroom door at the salon is one of those big glass doors with special hinges. From inception, it wasn't installed properly and dragged on the floor. So you couldn't really open it fully and had to slide into the bathroom with the door half open. We had asked our facilities manager to send someone to fix it and they had done some work on it, but the problem persisted. We eventually got used to the door being like that. It was one of those inconveniences that wasn't terrible enough, so we literally managed it for a year and six months. Ridiculous.

Two weeks ago, the door fell off the hinge - thankful it didn't break or fall off. We called our landlord and requested it be fixed. I was away while the repairs were being done , so immediately I resumed work I went to check on the toilet door. I pushed the door expecting it to still drag on the floor, but to my most pleasant surprise it glided with utmost ease. For the first time ever the door functioned the way the manufacturer had intended it to .

It left me wondering how many things in life are not operating at their capacity. If you live in Nigeria and are reading this, you understand that we are so used to dysfunction and we do a lot of managing. Houses aren't built properly, roads have pot holes, employees lack basic customer relations communication- the list is truly endless. Just because our society encourages mediocrity , does not mean we should tolerate it in the things we can control.

So Let's Fix Our Lives!

Start with your immediate environment - fix anything in your house that is broken and you can afford to fix- a bad socket, a falling curtain, a rusty faucet. Our environments speak life into our minds.

This habit of fixing things that you see not working well, with spill over into so many aspects of your life- personal, spiritual, finances, career.

Share below some thing that you have are broken in your house, office, car , that you want to get fixed and have been procrastinating on them?

With Joy,


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