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3 Apps You Need for 2021

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Smart phones may possibly be the greatest invention, but I am sure they said that about cars and electricity , alongside ever other amazing thing that has changed the way we live.

But I love my smart phone. Love it !

As everyone else, I use it for entertainment- social media etc but I have also learnt to use it for productivity. So here are three apps that have made my life better !

In 2021 I have serious financial goals and i gotta position myself to smash them . Step one is to track my spending meticulously.

I used this app before and I love it cause I can easily customize all the spending categories.

I input every single amount I spend . Everything. Interesting enough, it has helped me reduce my spending.

I spend so much time holding my smart phone and I realized sometimes I hold it out of addiction. Lol it’s a comfort habit . After I have caught up on all social media platforms, I have nothing to do on the phone but still want to hold it ! Here is where the Kindle app comes into play. It’s an win-win for functionality and reading more books. The Kindle app allows you to purchase books online, and download them directly to you phone. Last year I read 20 books thanks to this app.

My most important goal for the year is a spiritual one. I have always been focused on living a life that is speaks of God’s power, well after last year it’s heightened. Unfortunately, I Struggle with memorizing scripture and really want to work on that ! The Verses app is a great resource to memorize verses .

It’s hard to break the habit of constantly being on our phones , well why not utilize all those hours for something productive!

What apps you are using that have improved your life ?

With Joy,


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May 14, 2022

Bible app

And also some apps regarding what I do (work)

Thanks Auntie B!


Jan 18, 2021

1. The Bible App...

Because of the hustle and bustle of the day, it’s very easy to forget or procrastinate studying the Bible for the day but it gives daily reminder and I can easily do it wherever I am.

2. PiggyVest..

Really helps me save money more. And even save towards a particular goal.👍🏾

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