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3 Apps You Need for 2021

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Smart phones may possibly be the greatest invention, but I am sure they said that about cars and electricity , alongside ever other amazing thing that has changed the way we live.

But I love my smart phone. Love it !

As everyone else, I use it for entertainment- social media etc but I have also learnt to use it for productivity. So here are three apps that have made my life better !


In 2021 I have serious financial goals and i gotta position myself to smash them . Step one is to track my spending meticulously.

I used this app before and I love it cause I can easily customize all the spending categories.

I input every single amount I spend . Everything. Interesting enough, it has helped me reduce my spending.


I spend so much time holding my smart phone and I realized sometimes I hold it out of addiction. Lol it’s a comfort habit . After I have caught up on all social media platforms, I have nothing to do on the phone but still want to hold it ! Here is where the Kindle app comes into play. It’s an win-win for functionality and reading more books. The Kindle app allows you to purchase books online, and download them directly to you phone. Last year I read 20 books thanks to this app.


My most important goal for the year is a spiritual one. I have always been focused on living a life that is speaks of God’s power, well after last year it’s heightened. Unfortunately, I Struggle with memorizing scripture and really want to work on that ! The Verses app is a great resource to memorize verses .

It’s hard to break the habit of constantly being on our phones , well why not utilize all those hours for something productive!

What apps you are using that have improved your life ?

With Joy,


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