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Make Sure You Do This Before 2021

We made it! wow . We survived this trying and exhausting , nerve racking, surprising and crazy year.

A year that no one could have predicted or planned for but ultimately we made it to the end. As many of us prepare for 2021, I want you to know that the power in the year is completely in your mind. Power to make it a great and beautiful year.

So here are some tips to prepare your mind for the greatness waiting ahead of you in 2021.

1) Gratitude. Yes. It maybe a broken record but it's the truth. Gratitude "releases dopamine and serotonin, the two crucial neurotransmitters responsible for our emotions, and they make us feel 'good" (Positive Psychology). So scientifically gratitude is a great thing, and emotionally it triggers the right kind of emotions to help us feel good. Gratitude also helps with contentment and contentment gives us stability in our minds. Its good to aspire and have goals, but an inability to be thankful causes us to be disgruntled and can also lead to negative emotions like envy and jealous. Write 20 things you are thankful for this year! Be detailed.

Hope : a large dose of hope . Hope is the essence of life. Hope is an ability to believe that tomorrow will be better and greater lies ahead. But to Hope, you have to be able to look back and see moments of good. Hope doesn't come from a place of anger, or frustration , hope comes when you can see glimmers of the good that has happened. The good you recall in the past will motivate you and push you have hope for the future.

Plan: After you have given thanks and have hoped then you get to plan. In the past I have planned and planned from a place of fear, anxiety or frustration and what comes out is not a plan but chaotic and desperate ideas. I realize that the best plans and ideas come when I am at peace and operating from gratitude. So before you make any plans do the above and prepare for the overflow of ideas that will come. Be specific, be detailed and be intentional . What you write holds power. Here are some resources for planning your year :

Udo Okonjo's No Nonsense Goals

2021 will be great . We will grow, we will make impact, we will flourish abundantly .

See you in the New Year

With joy,


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Jan 06, 2021

Happy new year

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